The best storage facilities work hard to offer leading security features. At Rock Safe Storage, we utilize measures like electronic locking gates, burglar alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance systems, backup power generators, and more to protect our customers and prove the best and most secure storage.

All those different features work together with one another to offer the highest level of security and long-term protection. 

Safeguarded with Gated Security

The whole Rock Safe property is wrapped by a protective gate and fence system for a secure self-storage location. The gate opens and closes when the right code is entered by a customer. Once entered in the gate will open automatically and the burglar alarm attached to the customer's unit will deactivate. 

Protected by Burglar Alarms

One of the main self-storage security measures used by Rock Safe is individual burglar alarms on each of the different units. Those alarms are only deactivated by typing the right code into the electronic gate system when entering. If the code isn't entered before accessing the unit an alarm will sound. 

Cameras Watch Over the Units

There is an array of cameras installed in between the different storage units at this self-storage facility in order to create a full video picture of every section of the property for the ultimate protection. Those cameras watch and record what happens at the facility at all hours of the day, so if there ever is a burglary there will be video evidence of it. 

Backup Generators Keep Things Running

The Rock Safe Self-Storage locations all benefit from a backup generator system. This system keeps the gate, lights, cameras, and alarms all running properly even when there is a power outage. That means your storage units are safeguarded even if the grid goes down. 

Even though it might seem impossible to find secure storage units you can trust. Rock Safe offers all the security features that really matter to its customers for reliable protection. 

All these different measures come together at Rock Safe Self Storage to create a safer facility that customers can trust.