What Do You Get When You Trust Rock Safe Self Storage?

How much value do you put on your personal belongings? Chances are, you value some items dearly, and it could be for any number of reasons. But what if you can't keep certain belongings at home anymore? At Rock Safe Self-Storage, we understand this concept better than anyone. Life happens and sometimes you just need a little extra space for the personal mini-storage of your belongings. Hence the reason for our amazing service, which is to provide this safe storage at the best possible prices. And it doesn't matter how long you need this extra space because we'll be there to provide it.

Ground Level Units That Open Via Roll-Up Doors

For the most part, the storage units we have on offer come with a drive-up accessible door. This helps to make the loading and unloading process a lot quicker and more convenient. And, when you compare this easy storage solution to carrying your belongings up a set of stairs or onto an elevator, it just makes more sense to talk to us first. As for the interior hallway personal mini-storage units, we have gone the extra mile to make them easily accessible through several access doors. And just in case you are wondering, we will make sure a cart is nearby to aid with moving your belongings into your residential storage unit.

A Helpful Resident Management Team

We are proud to state that our management team never disappoints. From the moment you get into contact with them, they will be helpful and friendly. But more importantly, they can help you choose the right storage unit for your specific needs. With just some basic information from you, and our management team gets everything in place. In other words, you will always find professional assistance when you need it.

Excellent Self-Storage Security

You can trust that every self-storage unit at our facility features a modern burglar alarm for added protection. Additionally, the moment someone tries to breach your unit without using your personal and individual code, the alarm goes off and alerts security. For us, it is a mandatory priority to provide the safest storage space for your personal belongings.

In terms of accessing your storage unit at our Rock Safe Self-Storage facility, the same code you use for the burglar alarm is used to open the electric security gate. In fact, the moment you enter your code at the gate, the burglar alarm at your unit deactivates. And to make it even more convenient for our clients, you will have access to your storage unit 365 days a year. All you need to do is check the gate hours, which should be listed on the homepage of the relevant facility.

We use no less than 39 high-quality digital cameras to record all movement at our facility. While our managers do a great job at monitoring any and all activity, it never hurts to have added security. Given that we want to give our clients peace of mind that they won't find anywhere else, expect your unit to be monitored at all times.

Mandatory Fire Sprinklers

You'll be happy to know we also make it a priority to protect your belongings against the elements. And yes, we even take measures to prevent fire damage by installing sprinklers in every individual unit. While the sprinkler reacts to the smoke and flames, the fire department is also notified.

Backup Generators For Storage Units

What happens when the lights go out and you are still behind the electric gate? Our backup generators will automatically kick in, and they are powerful enough to keep the entire facility going. From the lights to burglar alarms, everything will remain in working condition even through a blackout.

Even with a blackout, you won't find a lack of LED lighting at Rock Safe Self-Storage facilities. In fact, it might feel like the middle of the afternoon when you go to the unit during the evening. Not only does the powerful lights add another level of security, but it makes it incredibly easy to find what you are looking for, no matter what time of the day.

For those worried about stretching their dollar for space, you’ll be happy to know that Rock Safe Self-Storage offers not only extra high ceilings for extra space but also tall and wide roll-up doors and even wider aisles for easy and roomy parking. The aisles at our facility can easily accommodate your vehicle in front of the self-storage unit without turning into an obstruction for passing vehicles. And if you really want to, we have the main aisle where you can park the largest moving truck allowed on California roads.


Hand Trucks and Self Storage Accessories

Sometimes you just don't have the necessary help to get the moving done, which is why we insist you utilize our hand trucks. They are free to use, and if arrangements are made with the manager, you can use the hand truck off-site as well.

If you’re ever in a bind and need someone to pick up your packages, you’ll be happy to know that we also accept deliveries. Talk to one of our managers if you need them to receive a delivery on your behalf, seeing as we gladly offer this service for a wide variety of deliveries. And finally, if you require moving supplies and you don't feel like shopping, why not get them from us? Whether you need boxes, bubble wrap, we have it all and our managers are there to help you make the best choices.

Trust Rock Safe Self-Storage to provide the best storage experience near you. Drop by our office or rent online today!