When moving, convenience is key. Get all of your packing and moving supplies in the same place you’re storing with Rock Safe Self-Storage. We’ve got the materials you need to keep your belongings safe and organized while you’re moving. With everything from bubble wrap to huge boxes, we’ve got all of the storage and packing supplies you could need in Arroyo Grande.

Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes!

Our small boxes can hold up to 65 pounds, that’s a lot of bang for your buck! They’re also 12x16 inches and 12 inches deep, so they can hold a variety of household items, perfect for self-storage. We recommend storing heavier items in these to break up the weight (books, kitchen supplies, nonperishable food items, etc). Medium boxes are 18x18 inches and 16 inches deep and can hold household appliances, clocks, and more. Large boxes are 18x18 inches and 24 inches deep. These are perfect for bedding, clothing, and large items that don’t fit in small or medium. Finally — extra-large moving boxes are for everything else. 

Tape, Paper, and Bubble Wrap

To protect your valuable items in the boxes, there’s bubble wrap! Buy it from us and don’t worry about running around to different stores trying to find the storage and packing supplies that you need. Wrapping paper is there to preserve delicate items such as books and electronics through your move. Make sure all of your valuables are wrapped up properly while they’re being stored with Rock Safe Self-Storage.

Secure It and Lock It Up

Lastly, we’ve got the locks to keep your items safe while being stored in storage units in Arroyo Grande. We offer both disc and cylinder locks to make sure your unit is protected. Whether you’re just using Rock Safe Self-Storage for a month in between moves, you’ll be protected.