The men and women who serve in the different branches of the military give us great pride. Regardless of which branch they serve in, each plays a pivotal role in protecting our country and its citizen’s freedom and we are grateful for the service they graciously give. We reserve a special place in our minds and hearts for the airmen serving at Vandenberg Air Force Base. With every launch, there are sound waves that make their way through the Santa Maria Valley. These launches are exciting every time they take place and the excitement never dulls.

If you are active-duty military, please ask our manager if there are any additional self-storage military discounts.

The majority of our units have easy drive-up accessibility so it's super easy to load and unload your stuff. This eliminates the need to carry your things onto elevators or up and down a stairway. All you need to do is drive up, roll up the easy roll-up doors, load or unload, roll down the door and lock it. It really is as easy as that. For those that prefer a self-storage unit inside the hallway, we have made that easy to use as well with access doors and a free cart you can use to haul your stuff to your unit.

Secure Self Storage For You & Your Family

Alarms That Help Deter Theft And Burglary

Every self-storage unit has its own alarm system and you are given your own unique code. Anyone who tries to access your unit without having the right code will set off an alarm. This helps protect your important things and ensure they are there when you come for them.

Entrance Security Gate

The alarm code that you're given that protects your unit is the same code you use to access the security gate. All you need to do to enter is to punch in your code. Once you do so the gate will open and the alarm on your unit will deactivate. The entrance gate is in operation every day of the year. This means that regardless of what day it is, even a holiday, you will be able to gain access to your self-storage unit.

Round The Clock Camera Recording

Our own site managers watch over things closely but in addition to that are the cameras. At Rock Safe Self-Storage we use almost 40 cameras that digitally record the area to keep it secure. The high-quality digital recorders make images that are very clear and add to the overall security of your property, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Standby Generator for Backup Power

If the power ever goes out for any reason there is a standby generator ready to provide the needed power. This means that our customers are never denied access to their property or locked in or out of the gate. The generator is big enough and powerful enough to give the needed power for the whole facility meaning that the lights and alarms and other things that require power will have it.

All The Self Storage Space You Need

Rock Safe Self-Storage provides up to 25% more volume because of the 10 ft High ceilings that they come with. This means that mattresses and couches can be stored on their ends and boxes can be stacked high. This allows many of our customers to save a lot of money by making full use of their unit.

Having aisles that are super wide is great because it means that someone who is loading or unloading can drive right up to their unit while allowing others to drive around them. It also means that even a large moving truck can be accommodated and have access to any of the units.

Moving and Self Storage Supplies

We have supplies and packing material at very competitive prices. If you need boxes or bubble wrap we have it. If there's something you need that we don't have we can often order it. If you need help deciding what you need, just talked to our experienced managers and they'll help you.

Very often you may find that you don't have all the help you need when you're moving. Having a hand truck that you can use will help a great deal with moving your things. You can even talk with the manager if you need to take the hand truck off the grounds.

Onsite Manager

Our own site managers love the men and women who serve and we understand the stress that can take place when moving. For this reason, our managers do everything that is possible to help you from the moment that you make contact with us to the time you arrange for your storage unit. They can discuss your needs to help you determine what size storage facility that you require and even suggest ways that you can save money while storing your things and still having the room you need.

We Accept Deliveries!

If you need to have a delivery accepted you can do so by requesting it. Just simply speak with the manager and they'll help you work out the details. This is great for military self-storage because it might be difficult to drive or fly certain belongings!