When you require space for an office, a warehouse or a storage yard, you will find it quite expensive. Profits are always an indication of success, and this does need you to save money. We can help in getting you the right space for business storage at the lowest price. You can save thousands of dollars by renting our storage space, as many other businesses have done. We can even arrange to take deliveries of your materials. Ask our manager for any more details that you need.

There are many benefits and amenities that our storage facility can bring you if you are our business storage customer.

Roll-up Doors and Ground Level Storage

You can drive up to these storage units on the ground floor as they have easily accessible doors that make it easy for you to unload the things that you need to store. There is no need to put your goods in an elevator or lug them through a staircase. Pull up to the door, roll it up, unload your goods, roll down the door again and leave. Isn’t that easy? If the storage unit you have rented is inside the hallway, you still have many access doors for entry and our carts for use, which you do not have to pay for.

On-Site Resident Managers

Our resident managers understand that moving goods can be stressful for people and will help them. They will do all that is necessary as soon as you get in touch with them. They will help you to decide the right storage space for the goods you need to be stored and give you other ideas that can save you money.

Burglar Alarms for Individual Units

Every storage unit has a separate burglar alarm for which you will be given your individual code. So, if there is any attempt made by outsiders to gain access to your storage space without this code, the alarms will be set off. This is a feature that can ensure that your items remain wherever you have left them.

Fire Sprinklers for Each Unit

Every storage unit in Rock Safe Self Storage has its own fire sprinklers installed. If there is a fire in any unit, these sprinklers will put out the fire and also send an alert to the fire department. This system that we are proud to have in place, can give you the much-needed peace of mind.

Electronic Security Gate

Once you rent our storage unit, you will be given an individual code for the burglar alarm that will also be work as your code to gain gate access. You need to put in this code into the gate control panel. The gate will then be opened automatically, while the burglar alarm will get deactivated. Our gates can be accessed on any day of the year. So, it is possible for you to access your stored goods even on holidays and when the business office is closed. Our facility home page will have details of gate hours.

Cameras With 24-hour Recording

Our staff and managers will always keep an eye on things, but in addition, we have installed more sets of eyes. Rock Safe Self Storage has installed 39 cameras that can digitally record so that they help in monitoring security. These cameras and recorders produce clear images that help to give you peace of mind, as the security of your property is ensured.

Backup Generator as Standby

A power outage will cause our backup generator that is on standby to immediately go into action. As a result, customers will never be denied access or be locked behind gates when the power goes out. The generator has a large capacity that can power all the lights and other systems during a power outage, and this provides the facility with an added layer of security.

High Ceilings

All our storage units have ceilings at a height of 10 feet, and this gives our units 25 percent more space than that provided by our competitors. You can place mattresses and couches on their ends, and use the space above them to store light boxes and thus utilize a greater volume of the space. This extra ceiling height has enabled our customers to save hundreds of dollars on storage.

Lighting in Storage Space and Exterior Areas

The high level of lighting provided in all areas by Rock Safe Self Storage is extensive and adds to the security. All drive aisles have LED lighting, as do those 10 X 15 storage spaces or the larger ones.

Wide and High Doors

Our storage spaces that are 10 X 10, have roll-up doors that are 8 X 8. These large roll-up doors allow you easier access to your stored belongings. It makes it easy to even park a vehicle inside the storage space.

Wide Aisles

The extra-wide aisles that we have, allow customers to use the space in front to park, and yet allow other users to go around them. The main aisles in the facilities can easily accommodate the biggest moving trucks that ply on Californian highways.

Use of Our Hand Trucks

Most people find the selves handicapped when they have no assistance when they want to store things in their rented units. You can use our hand trucks, for which there is no extra charge. If you need to use these trucks to take things of our property, you can always talk to our managers.

Delivery of Material

You can request us to take delivery of your materials. Contact our managers for more details.

Moving Supplies and Boxes

We can allow you to have any moving or packing supplies that you need and which we do carry. This includes large boxes for moving and any needed bubble wrap. If we do not have what you need, we can always order it for you. Contact our managers during office hours for any items that you need, or help in determining your needs.