3 Tips for Storing Antiques in Self-Storage

Antiques are often delicate and highly valuable in nature. That's why many people are nervous to put them in self-storage facilities even though they can be safe and maintained well in such spaces with the proper precautions. That's what we want to explain here. Keep reading to learn tips for storing antiques in storage units in a way that they're safe from theft and unlikely to be damaged. 

Focus on Security

If you're loading a bunch of valuable antique storage units in the Arroyo Grande area, it's important that you use a location that's known for offering reliable security as well. Rock Safe Self-Storage has security monitoring in place and reliable locks on each of the units to offer solid protection. Work with a monitored facility and also consider purchasing insurance on your items as an extra precaution if you have items that are very valuable. 

Prepare Your Antiques

Preparing your antiques is the most important tip when storing your valuables in a storage unit. That's because most self-storage locations aren't perfectly climate controlled and protected. 

There's always going to be a change in humidity or other problems that you face unless you invest hundreds of dollars each month on specialty antique storage space. That means you'll have to take extra time protecting your items. 

Wrap books in acid-free paper and wrap that in plastic and finish with a book box. Polish up wood and cover with blankets for storage without trapping moisture. Coat any metal objects with a fine grease product to fend off moisture. Use air-tight containers and also consider investing in oxygen absorbers and moisture-absorbing beads in items that must be kept dry while stored. 

Wrap artwork and mirrors in containers designed for storing those items. Package each item with care and wrap them up properly and you'll have far fewer issues while they're stored. 

If you’re looking for the right storage and packing supplies for your antiques, look no further than our packing supplies available in our facility management office. 

Check them Regularly

Whether you place your antiques in a secure location such as Rock Safe Self-Storage or not, it's a good idea to check on your antiques regularly. Stop in once a month if you can just to see how they are doing in storage. Checking your valuables frequently will help you avoid suffering any damage because something isn't properly protected. 

Following these simple tips for storing antiques will help you keep them secure and in good shape over time. Make sure you prepare everything properly, otherwise you could end up with moldy artwork or wood, rusty metal pieces, and other damaged items to deal with.