3 Hacks for Storing Clothes in Self-Storage

Do you have too many clothes to fit in your closet? Using self-storage to store your out-of-season clothing is a great option. To preserve the quality of your clothes, there are some steps you should take when storing them, especially if you have clothing items such as furs, leather, or wool. We’ve compiled three helpful hacks to make sure your clothes come out of storage in great shape. 

Clean and Press Everything

Before putting your clothing into self-storage, wash, and iron everything. This will ensure that when the clothes come out, they’ll be ready to wear! Stains will become permanent if they’re left in clothing for too long, so inspect your pieces thoroughly before packing them away. 

Use Plastic Totes or Hangers

The best clothes storage involves using plastic totes or hangers to conserve space and make sure that no dust or moths get to the clothes. Rolling your clothing rather than folding is another great way to maximize space. If you’re going to hang clothes, avoid metal hangers as they can rust and damage the articles. We recommend cutting the bottom out of a garbage bag and pulling the hangers through the hole so that the clothes are covered by the bag. Only put about five pieces of clothing in each bag to avoid wrinkling.

Decide on the Right Storage Unit

Some fabrics are more sensitive to temperature and humidity, so climate-controlled storage is the best option. Wool, leather, and furs will mildew if not properly stored, so take extra care of these delicate items. If your plastic totes are not properly sealed, moist air could damage them as well, no matter the fabric. 

Now you know how to store your clothing properly, so it’s time to choose a storage unit that’s right for you! Browse our Rock Safe Self-Storage and inquire today.