Winter Packing & Moving Hacks Using Self-Storage

Todd Plastino | November 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Winter Packing & Moving Hacks Using Self-Storage

The winter months are a popular time for moving. Rates tend to be cheaper than during the summer season, and movers are far less busy. But moving into or out of your storage unit in the winter months means facing slightly cooler and more humid temperatures. 

Use these tips from Rock Safe self-storage to protect your stored items throughout the year. 

Keep Items Off the Floor

As you pack your personal items into self-storage, shelves and tables can be more than a helpful organizational tool. By keeping boxes and containers off of the storage unit floor, you protect them from harmful moisture that can settle there. 

Have Towels and Sheets at the Ready

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Higher chances of rain mean you’ll need to be prepared with towels and sheets to dry off items, protect them from the elements and help you get a better grip as you move them. 

Make Moving Manageable with a Storage Unit

If you are conducting a move from one home to another in the middle of the busy winter season, it can be hard to tackle everything at once. A storage unit gives you the options you’ll need to move smaller loads over time without extending your former lease. Simply place items that still need to be sorted or are less essential in the unit and move them at your own pace.