Why Student Self-Storage Works Well Year Round

Admin | March 10, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Many students invest in student self-storage units to keep their furniture and other valuables safe over the summer when they return home to relax. These same students usually cancel their storage rentals when they return back to school in order to cut their storage costs. Many of these students are missing out on key benefits that storage units can offer them during the main school year as well.

Summer is fast approaching and you're going to want a summer storage space to use. Once summer is over, consider the following benefits and uses for that same space during the course of the school year as well. The right space could improve your experience all throughout the year. 

Protect Your Valuables from Roommates

We all want to trust our roommates, but the truth is that sometimes there are situations where you won't feel safe leaving your valuables in your dorm room while you're away from school. This is especially true if you share your space with one or more roommates. This is one situation where self-storage in Arroyo Grande can offer you some extra protection. If you keep your valuables in a locked and secure self-storage facility such as Rock Safe self-storage, you'll know that they are safe and you won't have to worry about anything happening to them. Store your jewelry, electronics (in a protective storage container), camera equipment and more in self-storage while you're away to keep it safe from anyone with easy access to your living space. 

Use Student Storage to Expand Tight Living Quarters

If you go to school in an urban environment, or your student housing is just on the small side, it can be a struggle coping with tight living constraints throughout the year. This is another way that a storage unit can improve your life versus just serving as summer storage. If you have a storage unit that's conveniently accessible to your dorm or apartment, you can keep only the essentials in your living space and all the extra in your storage unit. This helps you avoid paying for larger living quarters and helps you stay comfortable at the same time. 

Prepare for Studying Abroad

Not all students study abroad, but if you decide to spend time in a different country you'll need to store away your belongings while you're away. Having access to a self-storage space for your student storage needs will make packing away your belongings simpler to do. By maintaining your rental with the local self-storage facility you'll have a space to put your belongings while you're away. 

With self-storage from a convenient location like Rock Safe Self Storage, you'll have a secure and protected space to keep all your valuables tucked away while living life as a student. The spaces are all protected with video cameras, alarms, fire sprinklers and more to keep your valuables safe. These spaces will simplify your life over the summer, but also throughout the school year.