Student Storage For Post-Pandemic Life

Admin | June 22, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Now that things are going back to normal after quarantine is ending in most parts of the country, it's time to think about things like storage space for college students at a University. If you're going to school soon, or you have a child heading off to college, it's important to think about storage considerations during the school season as well as in the offseason.

A self-storage unit can help with meeting storage requirements and keeping more valuables at school even if everything doesn't fit in the dorm itself.

Whether you just want storage while off on summer break or during a holiday, you can rest easy knowing you've chosen a secure location at Rock Safe to hold your valuables throughout the school year. See these self-storage tips to help you throughout your school years or during your child's years at University. 

Consider Space and Proximity

The first thing you should be considering when looking for college student storage is how much space you need and what's available. It's vital that you get a unit that's large enough to house all your valuables, but you don't want to get something too large or you'll be paying extra for space you don't need.

At Rock Safe, you can choose a unit as small as 5' x 5' in size if you have a small number of items to store, and you can increase the size of your storage if you end up needing more space. 

Security is Important

Our facility comes with security cameras, burglar alarms, and gated entry. All of these features are in place so you can feel good about leaving your valuables at the location. If you want to feel even more secure about your valuables you can also purchase storage insurance that will cover the contents of your unit if anything happens to them.

With our safe and secure location, you won't have to worry about anything happening to your valuables when you go away for Spring Break, or for a holiday break. 

Choose a Location with All Hours Access

If there's anything that we can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that its good to be able to go places when other people aren't around. That's just one of the many reasons you should look for a student storage facility that offers 24-hour access.

With Rock Safe Self Storage, you'll be able to access your possessions whenever you want them and you'll also be able to avoid the daily rush if you just want to get in and out quickly. 

By following these simple tips you should be able to choose a quality storage location to make use of. With the right unit locked down, you or your child will have a dependable space to store valuables and a convenient way to put away their furniture and large items during extended breaks from school during the summer and holidays.