Strengthening Your Neighborhood With Storage

Admin | July 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Far too many people don't have relationships with their neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors, and getting close with them can improve your quality of life in a big way. You'll enjoy a better support system and feel more secure as you go through life if you are on good terms with your neighbors.

That's why we created a list of simple ways that you can make your neighbors like you. With help from home storage space, or storage units in Arroyo Grande, CA, (AG) you can make this easier. Learn what you can do starting right now in order to get closer to your neighbors. 

Throw a Neighborhood Party

Even if you aren't very close with your neighbors just yet, that doesn't mean you can't spend time with them. While it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, throwing a party at your home that all the local neighbors are invited to is the fastest way to make friends in your area (while social distancing of course).

Not all the neighbors will come, but the ones that do will appreciate the chance to make friends and they may benefit from contact with all the neighbors as well. Consider renting extra tables and chairs if you don't have enough at home.

If you decide to throw parties more regularly, you can also use AG self-storage to keep your party supplies and the other extras so you always have them available when you need them. 

Maintain a Tidy Yard

Nobody wants to live in a sloppy neighborhood. Just having an unkempt exterior, or a home with lots of clutter in the yard is a good way to get on bad terms with your neighbors. If you want everyone in your neighborhood to be more likely to like you, take some time to maintain your property and clear out the clutter.

Some garage storage solutions will be enough for you to get the storage space you'll need for this project, but you might also need to invest in some self-storage if you run out of space at home for cleaning and decluttering.

Take your time and thoroughly go through the exterior of your property to make it into something you're proud of, and your neighbors will immediately have a more positive image of you. 

Help Neighbors with Lawn Work

While this isn't mandatory, if you see some of the more elderly neighbors in your community struggling with lawn work, you can get on good terms with them by lending a helping hand. Just taking a minute to mow, help with shoveling, or weeding or edging around their property would be enough to make most neighbors happy.

If you don't have the space for all the equipment you'll need for this type of work at home, you can also store your seasonal tools and equipment in an AG storage facility until you need it. 

Help Neighbors with Projects

Lawn work is a simple way to get in good terms with neighbors, but you can offer to lend a hand with more serious projects your neighbors are working on as well. Offering to help move in heavy items, install air conditioners, or do other difficult tasks that will benefit from your assistance can make a big difference. 

Just taking some time to get more familiar with your neighbors is all it takes to get on good terms with most of them. Make an effort to get to know the people around you, and consider attempting one or more of these projects to help raise your popularity with the neighbors as well.

With access to self-storage space, most of these projects should be simple enough, and even without it, you should be able to make friends and get closer to your neighbors all with these simple steps.