Stay Safe in Business with Business Self-Storage

Admin | December 6, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Businesses use self-storage in a myriad of ways such as transitioning offices, storage for equipment, products, files, etc. and in case of emergencies. This is why it is so important to keep your valuables safe in a self-storage unit or multiple storage units.

While you might be able to store most data on the cloud, small businesses still rely on paper files and receipts while their main revenue sources rely on physical products. It’s extremely important they keep these assets and physical files safe from theft, fire, mildew, and prying eyes. 

Are your physical assets secure?  Unless the space you’re renting for your business includes a fire-proof and secure room, your files and sensitive equipment likely aren’t safe.

For businesses that have diverse and important assets, business self-storage can be the best option for those looking to secure their property. Luckily, Rock Safe Self-Storage is here to help. 

How Secure Are Your Things in Our Storage Units?

Your storage unit sits behind an electronic security gate. You can access your storage unit any time with your unique code, but nobody is getting in who isn’t supposed to. That provides huge peace of mind for business owners renting out a self-storage unit. 

Additionally, each Rock Safe Self-Storage unit includes both fire sprinklers and a fire alarm tied directly into the local fire department. In the unlikely event that there’s a fire, the fire department will be there to put it out, ensuring that your assets are secured and that the fire doesn’t spread to other storage units. But our units are made of corrugated steel and concrete. Fires are highly unlikely.

With 24-hour cameras and a backup generator, your assets and files are secure in our storage space. If there is a power outage, Rock Safe Self-Storage’s backup generator kicks in, and your things remain both secure and accessible. 

You’ll have more space in our self-storage units as well. Our ceilings are vaulted and our doors at 8x8 ft., meaning you can fit that extra-long conference table if you need to.

Are you ready to keep your files and assets safe from harm? Reserve a space today!