Indoor and Outdoor Seasonal Storage for Cars

Admin | April 28, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Even in a climate as mild as coastal California, there are different seasonal temperature and weather variations. That's why many people invest in seasonal car storage facilities. Parking space often comes at a premium in these areas, so it's easier to tuck away your convertible or Jeep in favor of an enclosed vehicle for the cooler months of the year.

Having a self-storage facility you can rely on to house your ride is the simplest solution to this problem, and it keeps your garage free from clutter as well. 

Enjoy Different Vehicles with Seasonal Car Storage

Life's too short to limit yourself to a single type of vehicle, and some rides, such as a convertible, are much more enjoyable to drive during the heat of summer than they are in the cooler winter months. Invest in a quality storage unit with enough space to hold your extra vehicle during that time of year when you don't want to drive it around. 

Are Outdoor Storage Options a Good Way to Save?

For many people looking for car storage facilities, outdoor storage seems like the most affordable option available, and by just looking at the premiums charged this is true. Unfortunately, that doesn't take into account the additional costs that you'll pay.

While you can get outdoor car storage near me for very reasonable prices, you'll spend more on a protective cover and you'll still risk more weathering and wear to your vehicle with this option. You'll also have to worry about hail damage and other additional risks during extreme weather conditions.

For the minor premium difference, it's usually best to use an enclosed self-storage option for your vehicle for the added protection offered. 

Should You Invest in Climate Controlled Storage?

Most people that store their vehicles rely on standard outdoor storage spaces or an enclosed unit. The most protective owners opt for costly climate-controlled storage options. These indoor facilities are perfect for preserving antique vehicles or high-value investments. They're much more expensive than traditional self-storage units, but they're also the most protective.

If you have a vehicle that's incredibly valuable it might be worth investing in a climate-controlled space, but for most people, standard storage units like the ones at Rock Safe Self-Storage are more than enough to keep their rides in good shape during the offseason. 

Self-Storage Tips for Preparing Your Ride for Storage

Investing in a storage unit is a great way to get the most out of every season, but there are some considerations you need to make when storing your ride away for the season otherwise you run the risk of damaging it. To start you need to clean it inside and out and remove anything that could freeze.

It's important to wash and wax your ride and to fill up your gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to protect the system. Also, change the oil and raise your car up on jack stands to protect your tires. For long-term storage that lasts more than a few months, you should consider removing your battery and maintaining it with a maintainer as well.

Taking these simple steps will help ensure your ride is in top condition for you when you're ready to use it again. 

Seasonal car storage spaces are a solid investment if you need to keep your extra vehicles safe during the offseason. You could even store your ride during the summer and commute with a bike to avoid parking fees depending on where you live.

No matter how you use your space, following these self-storage tips will help keep your vehicle safe, extend its lifespan and help you enjoy your everyday life in California better by giving you more vehicle options to play with.