Perks of Drive-up Storage Access in Arroyo Grande, CA

Harrison Yates | February 11, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

In the world of self storage, there are three major types of units: indoor standard, indoor climate-controlled, and drive-up. 


At Rock Safe Storage, we specialize in drive-up units. We know that there are certain perks to renting a drive-up unit, so we’d like to shine a light on those perks for you. 


While we’re at it, we’ll also let you know how to best protect your belongings while they’re in storage. 

Driving Right Up

One big advantage of a drive-up unit, as opposed to indoor units is right in the name. You can drive right up to your unit, roll up the door, and load and unload your vehicle. 


You won’t have to find a hand truck on the property and haul your stuff inside a building, you won’t have to struggle with lugging items up and down stairs or elevators, the path from your vehicle and your unit is measured in inches.  


This can save you considerable time and effort whenever you visit your unit.

You can Use Cylinder Locks


There are two types of locks we typically recommend: disc locks and cylinder locks.


The former are disc shaped with a short, curving bar. These bars are extra thick and close to the body of the lock, which makes them difficult to cut through. In case of an emergency we can remove them, but if anyone were to try opening your unit illicitly, they would most likely get caught before they could open your door.


For drive-up units, cylinder locks are even better. In the sliding plate that shuts your unit there is a circular spot. This is where a cylinder lock goes. When in place, it resembles the lock for an ordinary door and it will keep the door shut tight. There’s no way for bolt cutters to get a grip on one of these, making it especially secure.


Excellent for Many Items


Often, you’ll find that climate-controlled storage is highly recommended. 


In many parts of the country that’s the ideal type of storage. 


However, in Arroyo Grande, the weather already stays within a fairly safe range for most belongings. It can get into the low 40s at night in December and January, still more than 10 degrees above freezing, and into the mid 80s during the day in July and August, still not overly hot.


Thanks to our good weather, a drive-up unit is great for all sorts of uses. 


You can store clothes and other personal items, outdoor and sports equipment, gardening tools, metal and plastic furniture, holiday decorations, and more. Store personal items or business inventory, or use a drive-up unit as a place to keep packed boxes when you’re preparing for a move.


There are a few ways to keep various items in even better condition in a drive-up storage unit.

  • Use Air-Tight Plastic Bins. These protect many of your items by keeping them at least somewhat protected from the outside air and elements. Also, dust can get into a drive-up unit since they’re not completely sealed, and this will keep your things clean.
  • Use Humidifiers or Desiccants. Some items are really meant to stay dry, and a one or two silica gel desiccant packets, which you can find online, can accomplish this. Some other items, such as wooden instruments like guitars, need humidifier packets in their cases. You can find these at music stores or at various online stores.
  • Cover with Tarps or Blankets. We mentioned how dust can get into a drive-up unit, and over time this can create an annoying layer over your boxes and furniture. To protect them, we recommend covering them with blankets or tarps.

The Pricing Advantage


Standard indoor units typically rent for about 25% less than climate-controlled units, and drive-up units rent for even less than indoor units. 


If you’re looking to save money on storage, you can’t beat the price of a drive-up unit.

Alarmed Units


In addition to the fact that we’re in a great climate for standard storage, that you can drive right up to your unit to load and unload, and the fact that our prices are cheap, each unit also has its own, individual alarm. 


That means that if someone unauthorized access a unit, we’ll know right away, and we’ll know which unit has been compromised. This is a very rare occurrence, but we’ve taken the precautions to make sure we can keep your things safe.


With all these advantages, now is a great time to rent a storage unit at Rock Safe Storage. Simply give us a call at (805) 356-6066 or rent a unit online.