Outdoor Fun Before the Sun Sets on Summer

The Rock Safe Team | November 14, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Ahhh, September.


One of the most beautiful months of the year here on California’s Central Coast. Warm days, cool nights, vibrant, rosy sunsets. A bridge between two seasons with one foot in summer, the other in fall.


Beach outing or mountain cabin? T-shirt and shorts or a warm, fuzzy sweater?

Whichever way your heart tugs, you can’t go wrong. Only one thing’s for certain. The great outdoors is calling your name…

Sand and Surf

Don’t say goodbye to summer just yet. Before you brush the sand off those surfboards and kayaks and tuck them into storage for their winter hibernation, give them one last hurrah.

Here on our gorgeous coast, there’s no shortage of fabulous beaches to enjoy before the weather cools. Families will love Shell Beach’s Dinosaur Caves Park surrounded by beautiful wildflowers. Avila Beach appeals to young and old alike with its boardwalk shops, wine tasting rooms, and oceanfront restaurants. And for a classic beach town surfer vibe, a must-see is Pismo Beach.

Camping and Hiking

What would summer be without a campfire and s’mores? Lopez Lake has something for everyone from boating and swimming to fishing and camping. Not to be outdone, hiking enthusiasts will find their slice of heaven at the Pismo Preserve with 900 acres of open space, eight trails of varying challenge, and spectacular ocean views.

When it’s time to bid adieu to the golden days of summer, no need to worry about how to stash your clunky beach umbrellas, tents, and coolers. Free up that precious garage real estate, and check out a great Arroyo Grande storage option here.