Moving Supplies & Self-Storage Near You

Admin | May 1, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Moving to a new home, for a new job or to a new school can be a lot of things: Exciting, frustrating and full of possibilities. But as your thinking of getting from Point A to Point B, you must first consider all of the moving details.

Fortunately, for life’s big changes, having sufficient and convenient moving supplies and storage units in Arroyo Grande can help you keep all of the details straight. Some of life’s biggest changes are carried in on moving boxes and packing tape. Without further ado, let’s dive in to see how Rock Safe Self-Storage can help your next big move.

Picking the Right Moving Boxes

Our storage and packing supplies provide the perfect moving boxes, manageable yet not too big or awkward to carry. Bigger boxes should be used for lighter objects, like duvets, pillows, curtains, clothes, or other linens. Boxes of any size should provide some wiggle room for your objects, which can make the move lighter, easier, and even protect your belongings if outfitted with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. 

With everything snug, your objects should remain perfectly prepped in your perfect package. And fortunately for you, Rock Safe Self-Storage has plenty of boxes and packing supplies in various sizes to help you move more smoothly. 

Handle With Care 

All of us supporting AG self-storage would like to remind you to pack your delicate items appropriately. Your moving supplies should always include a variety of wares, including boxes and tape and not forgetting the extra t-shirts or bubble wrap you’re using to protect your delicate items. 

Not including the storage and packing supplies you can pick up at our storage units in Arroyo Grande, feel free to add an extra level of protection to your fragile items by writing ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with Care’ on each box.  Sometimes these extra measures can be small victories where you may have had bigger regrets otherwise.  

Steadfast and Totally Moveable 

Do you fold your boxes or are you a die-hard packing tape fan? Whatever the case, the intent is the same: you want your belongings to be secure. We hope that even fans of folding their boxes use a little bit of tape (especially for the bottom of their boxes), but the point we want to drive home is that all of us at Rock Safe Self-Storage care about the security of your items as much as you do.

Locks for your storage units in Arroyo Grande are available for purchase in the management office, where various kinds of packing tape are sold as well. Mailing tape is perfect to be used for sealing up boxes and packages under short-term conditions, and our packing tape is excellent for heavier, long-term storage, moves, and projects. 

With the right self-storage, your move can be made that much easier with exquisite security, stability, and plenty of space. Drop by our storage facility today to reserve your unit and get a move on!