Last Days of Summer

The Rock Safe Team | September 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

It’s that time of year. The sun is setting on summer, slowly giving rise to fall. It’s that odd bubble in time where, on one hand, we’re trying to hang onto these last lazy days of summer, and on the other, we’re dreaming of sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and curling up by the fire…

Hold on just a minute! Never mind that stores are already promoting Halloween, and it’s barely the beginning of August! Let’s not hasten things. There’s still plenty of fun in the sun to be had. With warmer weather and vibrant sunsets exquisitely sweeping our skies well into the evening, the outdoors beckon us to continue indulging in all that our beautiful Central Coast has to offer.


How should we eek out these last bits of summer? Traditionalists, we’ve got you. Escape to our gorgeous coastline and press “pause” on life. Dip those toes into the shimmering blue waters of Avila Beach or enjoy the sweeping views from the Pismo Pier. Build a sandcastle, catch a wave, or bike down the boardwalk, wrapping up the season amid the song of the seagulls and hypnotic lull of the waves. Feel that beachy bliss washing over you.

More of a thrill-seeker? Grab that bucket list and push routine aside. Pick a challenge or three and set your inner warrior free. Kayak surfing, anyone? White water rafting calling your name? Perhaps you’ve finally summoned the courage to give sky diving a shot. Let inspiration flow, and turn the ordinary into extraordinary, immersing yourself in the experience.

Or maybe you fall somewhere in between traditionalist and adventurer, relishing summer a day at a time, treasuring each moment as it comes. While the air is peaceful, tuck yourself into a hammock under shady trees and crack open that book you’ve been longing to read. Perhaps, steal a tranquil moment on a warm afternoon, sitting on the porch with an ice-cold lemonade, just taking in life.

Before the cooler weather sets in, bask in the longer days, golden sunsets, and carefree vibe. Life is meant to be celebrated and savored. Linger.

Summertime asks, “What’s the rush?”