Why Self Storage is a Good Idea For College Students

Admin | February 18, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

College students can benefit from having a safe and secure place to store their valuables in. Whether they just need room to keep their dorm belongings in between semesters while at home, or if they need extra space while living on campus, self-storage is useful for keeping your belongings safe and secure as a college student. Learn more about the benefits of storage units to college students and why more students should consider getting a unit. 

Store Furniture During the Summer

The number one reason that storage for college students exists is to house all their belongings over the summer or free up space in their dorm. Traveling between home, class, and school is more work than necessary when you bring all of your college belongings with you. With self-storage, you can keep your stuff right at college and when you're ready to head back for the fall semester you can pull out your furniture and other items and move them back to your new dorm. 

Keep Some Valuables Secure

Most college dorm rooms combine many students together into a group housing setup. In instances like these, there's always a risk that something can happen to your valuables. The best way to ensure that your personal items are protected is to keep the most valuable items tucked away in an affordable storage unit. You can get a compact unit to hold your belongings for a reasonable rate, and go for a bigger size over the summer when you have to store all your furniture and appliances for the season. 

Keep Your Dorm Room Neat and Clutter-Free

Although most students use affordable storage solutions to keep all their dorm room items tucked away over the summer, there are some students that use them throughout the school year as well. They're useful to have for holding any extra items you have that don't fit well in your dorm room. Some students keep bicycles, surfboards, skating equipment, and other recreational items that they only use occasionally in storage. Getting a unit from Rock Safe self-storage is a simple way to maintain a neat dorm, avoid creating an overwhelming space and to bring more gear with you for the school year than you could otherwise accommodate.