Storing a Bicycle in Self Storage

Admin | June 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Bicycles are a fun way to get around and one of the most efficient forms of transportation as well. They take up a lot of space though, and many people don't ride bikes during the colder months of the year. If you have a bike that's sitting around and taking up space in your home, one of the best things you can do is store it in a storage unit.

By placing your bike in quality storage you will help maintain its condition so you don't have to worry about going through the trouble of a bicycle restoration later on. We've put together some basic self-storage tips for bike owners to follow that you can use to keep your bike in top shape as it sits in storage.

Familiarize yourself with these tips and make sure your bicycle is protected during storage. 

Find a Clean and Dry Area for Bicycle Storage

In order to keep your bicycle in good shape over time, it's vital that it's stored in a dry and weather-proof environment. That's why it's beneficial to go with a service such as Rock Safe self-storage. The bike will be kept in a location that's secure and safe from the elements, and that you can expend on to keep your bike safe as well.

The facilities are all large enough for a bike, and they come equipped with security cameras, burglar alarms, and gated entry as well. Between all these different security features you will know that your bike is protected the entire time it's in the right bicycle storage. 

Clean and Lubricate the Bike

Before putting your bicycle into storage, you need to take the time to effectively clean it up with soap and water to get rid of any of the grime that's built-up on it. Leaving stains and other contaminants on your bike can degrade your paint over time.

Wash it down thoroughly, dry it off and lubricate the chain and the rest of the metal surfaces of your ride. If you take the time to coat each bit of metal with a lightweight grease or a bike grease and you won't have to worry about rust developing while it sits in self-storage.

It only takes an hour or so to wash your bike down and protect it with grease, but doing so will help keep it in excellent shape for the months that it's tucked away in storage. 

Consider a Bike Cover

If you want to avoid the need to thoroughly scrub your bike after taking it out of self-storage, consider putting a cover on your ride before you tuck it away in your storage unit. Covers are readily available and affordable to purchase.

A good cover will keep the dust and grime off your bike so that it remains cleaner and in better shape over time. This minor investment will even protect your ride if your storage gets a leak or has another issue during use. 

Tighten and Tune After Storage

Once you take your bike out of Rock Safe self-storage, or wherever you are keeping it, you need to tighten up the bolts and screws and get it ready to ride again. Take your bike to a bike mechanic, or carefully torque all the fasteners that are holding your ride together.

Have the gears tuned, re-lubricate the fasteners and chain, and take the time to get everything operating smoothly once again. After leaving your bike sitting for months at a time chances are good that it won't be tuned optimally any longer and some of the fasteners will likely be loose as well.

Tightening everything up and getting your gears and brakes operating smoothly will help ensure that you have a good biking experience the first time you get back on your ride. 

If you get a solid storage facility to keep your bike in, and you follow through with these steps when storing your ride, you can enjoy high-quality performance and protection for your bike over time.