Baby-Proofing Your House with Self-Storage

Admin | May 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Many parents are overjoyed when they find out they're having their first baby, but those emotions are often followed by uncertainty. Preparing for a new baby is an overwhelming task, or at least it seems that way to most new parents. 

One of the most important steps that you can go through when getting ready for your little one to be is to start baby-proofing your house. That's a major undertaking for most adults that don't routinely have little ones over. It means rearranging furniture, getting rid of things, and creating a safe play space. 

These are all essential tasks that a good self-storage provider can help you accomplish a bit more easily. Below are our key steps to baby-proofing your home that a storage solution can help you check off your list. 

Remove Potentially Dangerous Furniture

One of the first steps that any expectant parents should start working on is removing any potentially dangerous pieces of furniture or baby-proofing it. That means pulling out coffee tables with sharp edges, doing away with fragile glass items that are low to the floor, and any items that are made up of small pieces that are accessible.

Many people decide to sell off these items to rid them of their homes, but if a certain piece of furniture is dear to you, you might decide to put it in self-storage instead. A storage unit can be used to house all the furniture and other items you want to save, but don't want around your little one until he or she gets a bit older. 

Rid Your Home of Clutter

As babies grow and become mobile they begin exploring their environment and touching everything they can access in the process. This is all a part of their learning process. One of the most important self-storage tips we can give to newer parents is to use a storage space to rid your home of as much clutter as possible. 

Removing the clutter reduces falling hazards, opens up crawling space, and makes your home more hospitable for your little one to move around. Of course, you can always donate, gift or sell off items as well, but if you want to hold onto some of your excess belongings, you can hold them in storage until your baby gets old enough to move around more safely. 

Create a Safe Space

One of the most useful tools you can have for your family and your baby is a room that you designate as a safe play space. This is a spot you can leave your baby to roam around where everything is carefully baby proofed and soft and safe.

Many parents choose to make the nursery into a playroom as well by carefully babyproofing their space. They'll install a baby monitor or two and use it to watch their baby or toddler move about while they do something in a different area of the house. 

A safe room is a powerful tool for parents with a baby or toddler, but setting one up can be a challenge if your home is full already. That's where a secure service like Rock Safe Self-Storage becomes so beneficial. With one of these services, you can tuck away all the extra items that were occupying that part of your home that you're going to make into a safe playroom.

Once those items are in storage you can figure out what you want to do with them from there, but you'll at least have an open room you can start to get ready for your new baby. 

Having a baby is one of the most exciting experiences you can go through, but it's also a time when most adults get nervous as well. Use these self-storage tips to clear the clutter and get your home ready for your new little one to explore and grow in.